Monday Ministry Tip 10/13/08

Prayer is vital to ministry.  I don’t know anyone who disputes that fact.  Interacting with God through prayer with the people you are ministering to is an essential goal in ministry.  The problem is that even though we know that prayer moves the hand of God and it changes our own perspective we struggle in daily life how to bring prayer out of the philosophical sphere into practical reality.  Most of us wish we knew how to pray for more people without coming off as being creepy.  

So how can we pray more with our people?  I am going to go old school with this Ministry Tip.  My dad has been a pastor for the last 38 years and he gave me an easy tool for prayer.  Sometimes the most obvious prayer techniques are the best.  So here it is:  pray personally with as many people as you can.  I know that this is an obvious goal but here are 2 ways to actually pull that off.  First, When someone tells you something they are struggling with, pray with them right then and there.  Just pull them to the side and ask to pray with them.  My father actually told me that this is the best way to initiate a spiritual tone in a friendship with people far from God.  I have found that this is also the best way to make people feel that God is close even when they are in the midst of pain.  Secondly, set prayer reminders on your cell phone or watch to remind you to pray.  When the alarm goes off invite whomever is around you to pray with you.  I have 2 timers set.  One is at 10:02 AM where I pray for the Harvest worldwide and here in Nashville.  I choose that time because it reminds me of Mark 10:2b which says to pray for workers of the Harvest.  I heard that Neal Cole does this as well.  I also have my alarm set for 2:07 PM when I pray for my brother who is struggling in life right now.  

These are great ways to pray without ceasing.  Let me know if you have other ways that you creatively use to pray in ministry.  I am always looking for ways to get better at prayer.

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Tony Barnette
12 years ago

Can’t beat old school. I’m going to try and do this more often. I can think of a few times when I have told someone I would pray for them when later I wouldn’t be diligent to follow through. I have been trying just to do it when they ask. I also think people have a real need for community and praying for one another together really helps solidify the those communal bonds. Great post man. Thanks!

Jim Brown
12 years ago

It seems obvious now but I started using a prayer notebook a few weeks ago. On the inside front cover I wrote down a couple of aids to help me get started, like: A.C.T.S. Adoraction Confession Thanksgiving Supplication and below that I wrote my version of the Lord’s prayer, basically a summary of each line with my own notes. On the first page I have a prayer list for each day of the week – these are people and things that I always want to pray for, for example family members, churches, pastors…I can see how this might become a… Read more »

Chris barnette
12 years ago

Guys! These are some great ideals. I will definitely have to start writing down my prayer list and the ideal of setting the alarm and praying on the spot are awesome. My Brother Tony suggested we do this a couple of weeks ago. We both had a rough night and the following morning we had shared what we were going through and Tony said “ do you wanna pray about it?” and I said sure. Let me tell you after we prayed it seemed like the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders and it set a great… Read more »