Taking Pleasure in Little Things

Sometimes is it so easy to be consumed with great endeavors.  If you are anything like me you dream of greatness.  I find myself thinking about ways I can change a city, a generation and a nation.  Its easy to dream big sometimes but I think true satisfaction often comes in the smaller and common place things in life.  God seems to value who we are becoming more than what he will do.  Thats probably because if it something truly great he can do that himself and not even tax his ability so why would be so impressed by our feeble efforts.  So often, I find myself trying to impress God with what I will do for him and what I intend to do.  I think God would rather me be on mission with him and to rejoice in this life that he has given me.  To rejoice in the little things that make life great.

One of the reasons I am doing this ramble is because today on my day off I found the time to go for a prayer walk with my wife at lunch, clean my back deck off of leaves and wash my dog (he was getting really smelly).  In these things I found real value and contentedness.  I found that by doing the little things of walking closely with my God and my wife, doing common household chores and serving even my pet, God is pleased.  God cares about how I treat his creation and the people and things he has entrusted to me.  At the end of all this I am happy and find myself truly blessed.  God grows us by each moment of dependance and availability we trust him in.

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jim brown
12 years ago

Mike, You did it! You posted twice in the same week : ) Even the greatest of accomplishments all begin with a first step and since we don’t usually know God’s plan for us, it’s best to slow down and allow ourselves to forget all of our great plans for a while. Then we might have a chance to listen for His voice. I like to drive with the radio turned off; it’s amazing how we clutter our lives, are we afraid of silence? I find if I’m not trying to get 5 things done at once I feel like… Read more »