Ministry Tip – Adversity is an opportunity

Yes,  the ministry tip is making a comeback.  No, its not a monday ministry tip but an insight I received this weekend church planting.  

Here is the tip and then I will tell the story.

Tip:  When adversity hits, God is giving you an opportunity to develop your ministry.

The example:

This week I got a call I hate to get late Saturday night.  Brad, who is my best friend and  Co-Pastor at Green Hills Church called me at 9:30 on Saturday night sick as a dog.  He asked if there was anyway that he could sit out set up Sunday and maybe even church.  I told him of course it wouldn’t be a problem so I came over and picked up our sunday gear and trailer so that he wouldn’t have to get out.   Now the problem is this.  Brad is invaluable on Sunday mornings.  When he said that he couldn’t be there my heart sank a little bit because Brad does so much on Sunday to help us get ready for church that I envisioned a rough Sunday morning.  I was preaching and wasn’t looking forward to scrambling all morning and then getting up tired to preach.  On Sunday mornings we do an extensive set up and clean up of the Bar that we meet at.  But then I remembered: When adversity hits, God is giving you an opportunity to develop your ministry.

I decided that God was giving me an opportunity to get some other guys involved in ministry and some of the guys who had been serving already to step up to the next level.  I texted 2 of our guys who don’t serve on Sundays on the set up team and asked them to come the next morning.  I also contacted 2 of my best guys and asked them to come 30 minutes early.  I shared with all of them the reason why I needed them there and to my amazement they were really excited about serving.

Sunday morning was the fastest set up we have ever had.  We were done 30 minutes early and the guys were excited to be there.  Our prayer time before our set up time was electric.  I even had one of our leaders suggest that we figure out how to get the team stronger so that Brad and I dont have to come do set up.  God was at work because of adversity.  

Try it this week.  Adversity makes you come up with solutions that you probably should have implemented anyway.