Spring Fever

Have you ever noticed how Spring Fever grips us as we leave winter and approach summer?  Its 73 and sunny today in Nashville to I’ve got the fever!  

When I went to Northwestern College in St. Paul MN, I vividly remember how people just flooded outdoors once the snow melted.  There was a contagious joy that permeated the air.  There was a freedom to enjoy life after being cooped up inside for so long.  

I wonder what it would take for followers of Jesus to feel that same joy?  Often we put so many rules on what it means to follow Jesus that Christianity can become very binding.  It is so easy to legislate morality if you are a Christian.  I am theologically conservative so falling into a rut of rule keeping can comes very easily to me.  But Jesus has come to set us free.  Free from sin and free to be ourselves.  I wonder what Jesus thinks about how we have developed Christianity.  Do you think he is pleased or displeased?   Have we just brought back the law or have we truly found freedom?