Running from False Teachers

I have been thinking a lot about leadership recently.  I found an amazing quote by James McGregor Burns who is well known presidential biographer and writer on leadership.  He says that “Leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on the earth.”  That is one of the most true statements I have heard recently.  Everyone knows in a general way what leadership is and we can even point to a few good leaders that we have known but most of us have no idea how to become a good leader.  Many of us don’t even know how to identify good leadership until it is too late and we are burned by the leaders we have placed ourselves under.

Jesus gives us a lot of insight on leadership and the kinds of leaders we need to follow.  We are doing a mini-series on leadership at Green Hills.  This last weekend (July 19th) I taught a message titled ‘Shepherds and Wolves’ that talked about leaders we need to  run from.  It was a very challenging message to put together.   If you are interested to find out more about leadership you are welcome to check it out here at itunes.

Just click the link to listen:

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11 years ago

If a leader makes you feel too comfortable that is surely a sign of trouble…God bless