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What’s going on everyone? This is Nick. Just gonna give you a quick update about what’s going on. The past few days, for me, have been tough. And as whole, people haven’t been very receptive about what I have been saying. And I’m trying to keep my head up but it’s tough when you’re working so hard but see very little if any fruit from what you’re doing. So last night the guys got together and prayed for me. (It’s been amazing how close we’ve gotten; How tight we are now as brothers, sisters, and friends) today was totally different. My group was passing out flyers and talking to people on the streets. God put us on a path that we never knew we were on, until afterward, and amazing things happened. We would unintentionally start conversations (one in particular started because we were trying to find a bathroom). ¬†Another story, we were going in a building to get lunch, and a guard was outside to check bags. (there are a lot of guards like that to keep weapons etc out). I went through the check no problem, even though I had a ton of tracts and new testaments and stuff in my bag (a lot of places like this dont let those kinds of items inside because they dont want people passing them out). Then my team member opened her bag and the guard saw her Hebrew new testaments ¬†and asked her if by chance, she had an extra that he could have. She obviously gave it to him and his face just lit up. He was so excited about receiving that and that it was free. Our guide aaron was shocked by this because most of the time guards wont let people in with materials like that at all. Amazing things happened and people were reached. It was awesome in the most real and intended use of the word.

We’re going on some adventures in the next few days so it’s gonna be very exciting. Please continue to keep us in your prayers for safe travels, for more opportunities to share the gospel and really reach people, that we will not forget what we have done here, and to not forget that missions are not one or two week things, it’s a life style. Pray that we will live this way back home as well. Thanks for reading!! See you all soon!! Nick

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Mrs. McGoo
8 years ago

what a great reminder Nick regarding the POWER of prayer and the need for total dependency on Christ alone… we’re just the vessel! thanks for sharing!