Making sure the Gospel is Clear

This is a great article on evangelism and how we must be careful to be clear on sharing the gospel.  Thought you might enjoy it.  It is a response to Shane Claiborne’s article in Esquire Magazine.  Shane is a great guy, who is big on pre-evangelism, but this is an insightful piece on being clear to not water down the good news.   I love pre-evangelism and try to not make obstacles to the gospel but was convicted when I read this.

Here is and excerpt from the article:

The New Gospel leads people to believe wrong things without explicitly stating those wrong things.  That is, Christians who espouse the New Gospel feel safe from criticism because they never actually said belief is unimportant, or there is no hell, or that Jesus isn’t the only way, or that God has no wrath, or that there is no need for repentance.  These distortions are not explicitly stated, but the New Gospel is presented in such a way that non-believers could, and by design should, come to these conclusions.  In other words, the New Gospel allows the non-Christian to hear what he wants, while still providing an out against criticism from other Christians.  The preacher of the New Gospel can always say when challenged, “But I never said I don’t believe those things.”


I found it on Justin Taylor’s blog:  if you haven’t read his stuff it is outstanding.  It is a clearing house for useful information.