New blog you need to read

My buddy Josh Bronleewe just decided to enter the blogosphere.  If you have been checking out my blog for a while you probably have heard some of his music.  Anyway, I wanted to recommend his blog to you.  Here is an excerpt from his latest post:

God has broken my heart for something. Over the past few weeks many thoughts and promptings have been swirling around in my heart and mind, and on Saturday morning they all came to fruition in a puddle of tears on my pillow. That morning I woke up and started weeping. Not crying, weeping. My first instinct was to shut it off. So I tried. And then I wept a little more. It’s been a long time since I’ve wept like that. Now, this is a bit embarrassing to share in my first blog post because I rarely cry, let alone admit it! But it’s all good because I know it’s from God, and this is why I wept: God has broken my heart for Africa.

Before we go there, let me jump into your world for a second and then we’ll make our way back. So, whether we’ll admit it or not, most of us have bought into the philosophy that what we need to finally make us happy is just more of what we already possess. More things, more success, more whatever. Those of you reading this on an Apple computer know exactly what I’m talking about (yes, I have a macbook). In annual fashion, Apple will unleash a new line of sleeker, cooler, savvier gadgets that will wow the masses. Mouths will salivate, eyes will sparkle, and wallets will become lighter. It’s just understood that the gadget you bought last year is now archaic, inefficient, and lame. This attitude pervades our culture, and it’s madness. I believe it’s why Christmas has become so commercialized – acquisition pumps through our veins. Over the next few weeks we will make our way through stores buying things to give to people we love, all the while knowing we’ll get something back in return, we’ll have something under the tree with OUR name on it. Something NEWER. Something BIGGER. Something BETTER than the thing we had before. “Maybe THIS will make me happy,” our hearts say. This makes me very sad. There are tremendous and staggering needs in Africa (thousands, mostly children, dying of starvation every day) while we observe the wonderful Christmas traditions of trading ipods for tv’s in our comfortable, padded lives. Some would respond to that by saying, “That’s just the way things are.” You’re right. But they don’t have to be! Somewhere along the way, we decided to close our fists tight and began to hoard. Self preservation runs our lives.

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