Three things you need to know to find a mentor


Are you walking alone?

Are you walking alone?

A mentor is someone who helps you become successful in life. They can help you in your marriage (or for some of us finding someone to marry), at work and in your spiritual journey. Having a mentor is a huge determining factor in our success. Yet most of us operate without one. Probably the best reason for this is we don’t know how to pursue one.

1. Approach the best mentor you know. 

Sometimes we can be shy when we think about being mentored. Many of us think that our dream mentor would never want to take us under their wing. Its almost like pursuing your dream date. Many of us are too insecure to really go after the best leader that we know. The best thing you can do is have the courage to approach the person you really want to mentor. Trust me they will be really flattered by you asking them to invest in them and will probably say yes.

2. Have more than one Mentor.

A mentor is a valuable resource that believes in you and gives you advice. They also are great at opening doors for future opportunities. They have different experiences and skill sets. So why just settle for one mentor? Personally I have four current mentors. They challenge me in different ways. Some of them are really personal mentors like my father. Others are strong leaders in the pastorate. One of them is a leadership coach. These men have been vital to my success and I need them in my life. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t survive ministry without them.  I find that in different seasons each of these mentors speak powerfully into my life, helping me discern my future and encouraging me to believe in myself.

3. Pursue the Mentor

Many people never are mentored because they don’t actually ask. Life can get busy and having the time to sit down and talk with someone has to be intentional. So if you want to be mentored you have to pursue the relationship. You need to initiate it. Don’t sit around waiting for the perfect mentor to discover you. Schedule a time, ask the person to mentor you and then pursue the relationship. If your mentor is a high performer in their field then they are really busy and probably wont spend a lot of their free time thinking about you. Thats ok, they probably were mentored in their past and want to mentor so you just need to pursue them.

I hope you can find a mentor that will help you move from where you are to where you feel you need to be. It is a game changer.