The Reason to Preach Vision


The Reason to Preach Vision.

 I have been thinking a lot about preaching recently. That probably because I prepare a message every week and it is my favorite part of what I do. I am constantly thinking about how to get better at it and how to be a better communicator.

I typically preach expository messages that are verse-by-verse, teaching through a book of the Bible. I love teaching this way because it brings a balanced diet of scripture to my people and it forces me to teach things that I might shy from talking about. Recently, I have been impressed with the need to preach vision in my messages. Here are 4 reasons why I think you should preach with vision.

 1.    The church needs it. Every church needs to keep on mission. It is easy to become focused on content and not mission. I believe our people need to learn the scriptures but the purpose of preaching the Bible in depth is not just for information it is for transformation. Our people need to know what they are being called to.

 2.    People have a hunger for vision. I have been pleasantly surprised to find out how frequently people go back and listen to vision series on our video and audio podcasts. Our sermon series on vision, strategy and Elders are some of our most downloaded messages. I regularly hear from  new visitors to Green Hills Church mentioning to me how refreshing it is to hear the vision of our church mentioned so clearly and how it has  brought them to buy into our church.

 3.    Sunday morning is the best time to communicate vision.  I know that all of us hope that people will capture vision in our membership classes and our small groups, but that is not the best forum to really hear the vision clearly. Those are certainly helpful places to hear vision and have it explained clearly, but Sunday morning is the time that people really buy into. What is preached in a sermon is what people take home with them. I know that is not trendy in some church philosophical circles but it is reality.

 4.    You are teaching vision on Sundays even if you don’t realize it. Every time you preach, you are casting vision. You might be casting a vision that the church is all about the experience, or the senior pastor, or being hip and cool. You might be even casting vision that the church exists to be deep and that you don’t care about being hip and cool. The point is, you are always sharing vision. So be intentional about what vision you want your people to follow. Tell them about the mission they are called to. Be passionate and point people to the calling that Jesus wants them to live out.